SFTP (Beta): Upload Files Using Linux Command-Line Utility

SFTP is currently in beta and is not officially supported yet. We are currently gathering feedback for the new feature. Please send your inquiries or comments to sftp.beta@egnyte.com.



Automating file transfers on Linux might be very easy. Linux sftp command-line utility allows scripting various operations (e.g. daily uploads of certain files). The authentication for sftp in the non-interactive (scripted) file operations can be handled with the help of the standard Linux sshpass utility. 

Can I use SFTP beta with SSH Public Key Authentication?

Currently, you can use only username/password based authentication, which is still enough for the majority of the use cases. We might add the SSH public key-based authentication in the future.

How can I automate SFTP non-interactive operations?

We recommend using the standard Linux sshpass command-line utility for scripting. It is necessary to ensure proper access to the local file containing the authentication information (password). After that, if, for instance, your SSH password is stored within a file ~/.ssh/secret, you can use the following command line to connect to Egnyte SFTP Beta:

$ sshpass -f ~/.ssh/secret sftp 'username$domain'@ftp-domain.egnyte.com
Connected to ftp-domain.egnyte.com.

Here, domain should be replaced with your real domain and username replaced with your real Egnyte username. 


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