Storage Sync can now be deployed in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment as a native Amazon Machine Image (AMI). With Egnyte Storage Sync on AWS, users can access and update content in an AWS compute environment which gets synced bi-directionally to the Egnyte Cloud.  Just like standard Storage Sync deployments, users or processes connect to the Storage Sync share over SMB, but from within the AWS data store. The files and folders are synced to Egnyte from the AWS instance. 


Storage Sync for AWS Use Cases 

Distributed Workforces

Workflows that require remote users to access content and collateral hosted in AWS allows organizations to control access for users no matter where these users are located.

An Egnyte Connector from AWS

Big data and high intensive compute applications can be run in AWS and its results and output can be saved and sent to Egnyte with Storage Sync.

Backup Compliance

To meet compliance and regulatory measures, Storage Sync for AWS can provide an additional copy of data hosted in Egnyte in AWS by deploying Storage Sync for AWS.



To obtain the Storage Sync for AWS image, please contact us.

Please refer to the Storage Sync for AWS Product Guide for deployment and requirements information.