Web UI (November 21, 2018)

We’ve made some changes to our Web UI based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out. Don't forget to comment about these changes on the Community Website.

  • Admin and Standard User configuration for Viewing/Downloading files for folders: Standard Users will no longer be able to opt-in to receive email notifications when others view or download particular files. They will still be able to be notified whenever somebody added/uploaded files to the folder (configured in the settings).

    Note: We will be removing these email notifications for all Standard Users in a future release, but until then, Standard Users that have already opted into these emails will continue to receive them.

  • Re-initiating a Remote Wipe for a device after the previous Remote Wipe was canceled: Fixed an issue that a user wasn't able to re-initiate a remote wipe action after the previous one had been canceled.

    Note: If a remote wipe action has been canceled, an admin/power user will be able to re-connect the device by re-authenticating it. 

  • Adding permissions to a service account: Fixed an issue related to granting permissions to a service account. It is possible now to add new permissions to a service account (e.g. by adding a service account to a group). However, it is not possible to share a link to a service account as any service account is supposed to be used for devices/services only (no interactive logins).  


In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains:

  • Minor library update.

  • Snapshot reset support for Desktop Sync 9.2.2+ / Desktop App 2.2.0+.

  • Fix for skipping "Readme.pdf" on Desktop Sync

  • Minor changes in Folder Report JSON API

  • Minor API changes to update external storage service info.

  • Accelerating periodic calculation of private folder sizes for the case of dozens of thousands of users with private folders.

These improvements should be available for all the users by November 22.

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