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Egnyte Desktop App 3.0.2 for Windows (11/20/2018)


We’ve made some exciting changes to Desktop App based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check out these new features. 

  • Upload speed optimization: Notice an improvement in uploading multiple files? We added support for multi-thread that made upload speeds up to 3x faster than before.


We've also implemented some fixes to Desktop App to keep things running smoothly.

  • Fix compatibility issue with WordPerfect where sometimes it would only upload changes once Egnyte Connect is restarted.
  • Fix for a rare issue where the Egnyte Connect App would fail to mount a drive.
  • Fix to remove Egnyte Connect restrictions on Windows path length limit. The new behavior will match with the native experience on any other location on the hard drive.
  • Fix to prevent Autodesk 3ds Max and MicroStation application from deleting file version.
  • Fix for an extremely rare issue where Desktop App was not able to rename a temp file to the original file name in metadata cache. This resulted in the deletion of the original file in Web UI.  

Experience the difference. Upgrade Desktop App today.