Egnyte Protect is better than ever! We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check out these new features.  

  • Ability to reopen issues: Issues that have been ignored can now be reopened via a Reopen button shown in the detail pane. Reopened issues revert to the Open state. 


  • ALL/ANY option for custom classification policies: Custom classification policies now have a setting that controls whether the policy must match all or any of the selected patterns and document templates. A single match from the keyword list is sufficient to meet the custom keyword criteria for the policy, even if the ALL option is chosen.


  • Sensitivity threshold setting for Unusual Access rule: A sensitivity threshold setting has been added to the Unusual Access rule. This threshold specifies how much a user must exceed their predicted download volume on a given day in order for an Unusual Access issue to be generated. Setting values are as follows: Low (exceed by any amount), Medium (exceed by at least 3x), High (exceed by at least 10x). Each setting shows an estimate of how many issues the user should expect to see each month. The default setting is Medium.


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