Secure and Govern is better than ever! We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check out these new features. 

  • Public Link rule for OneDrive for Business sources: Public link issues are now detected on OneDrive for Business sources. Due to limitations in the OD4B APIs, expired links will be flagged. Similarly, issues are not automatically marked as resolved when the link expires. Link details include only the link type (Read Only or Edit). 

  • Custom keyword lists: Custom keyword lists now exist as separate entities from custom policies. This allows custom policies to include more than one keyword list - which means at least one match from each included list must be found in a file for that file to match the policy. This also allows the reuse of keyword lists in multiple policies.


  • Special handling for spreadsheet documents: Text extraction for spreadsheets (XLS*, CSV) is now handled specially to preserve row and column information. This has significantly improved classification results for spreadsheets. In addition, sensitive content matches in spreadsheets are now shown with a special presentation in the match viewer that indicates row or column ranges for matches.

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