SFTP (Beta) File Upload Overview

SFTP is currently in beta and is not officially supported yet. We are currently gathering feedback for the new feature. Please send your inquiries or comments to sftp.beta@egnyte.com.


SFTP is a technology that transfers files in a secure and easy-to-configure manner. Currently, Egnyte has an SFTP beta program - let us know if you are willing to participate in it.

Egnyte is compatible with most SFTP clients.

Note: We do not support the "append" command to add more data to a file when the upload of the file has been completed, which is not usually required.

SFTP/FTP access is limited to Admins and Power Users on the Office, Business, or Enterprise plans; trial users on these plans are limited to uploading 1 GB total via SFTP/FTP.

Want a seamless migration experience? Use Egnyte's Cloud Migration Manager! Migrate your files, folders, and permissions from an on-premises server to Egnyte with an intuitive UI.

When Should I Use SFTP?

We recommend using SFTP if you want a secure and easy-to-configure way to upload many files. A great time to use SFTP is when you are initially migrating up to 500GB of data or if you are uploading files that are each larger than 2.5GB. Not sure how to go about your migration? Learn more about Egnyte's migration services.


Does SFTP Preserve Timestamps?

File timestamps will be preserved during upload when using SFTP. Please ensure that you enable the timestamp preservation option on your SFTP client. For more information, please refer to this Helpdesk article.


How Do I Configure SFTP?

We've prepared step-by-step instructions for configuring SFTP using Filezilla (the recommended client for Windows and Mac). You can find links to those instructions below.


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