Storage Sync 11.2.4 for NETGEAR ReadyNAS (11/8/2018)

Issues Addressed 

The following items have been addressed in Storage Sync 11.2.4:

  • A fix to address share access problems with permissions
  • A fix to resolve an issue where admin users did not have access to some folders
  • A fix to handle failures during user mapping process page load in the Storage Sync interface
  • A fix to filter and disregard macOS temporary folders during the sync process

How To Upgrade

From Storage Sync versions 10.3.5:

Storage Sync 11.2.4 can be directly updated from 10.3.5. This requires first updating the NETGEAR ReadyNAS firmware to 6.9.4.  After the firmware update, NETGEAR admins will need to manually add the Storage Sync install package through the Apps tab in the ReadyNAS user interface.  

From Storage Sync versions 11.x:

Devices already on Storage Sync 11.x can use the auto-update schedule to update to 11.2.4. After the firmware has been updated to NETGEAR ReadyNAS firmware to 6.9.4, admins can choose either to wait until the defined Update Policy window or by clicking on the update link in the Storage Sync UI to upgrade Storage Sync.  

The following upgrade paths are supported for this release:

  • Versions Pre-10.3.5 → 10.3.5 → 11.2.4 [Manual upload after intermediate firmware steps required]
  • Version 10.3.5 → 11.2.4  [Manual upload after firmware update - 6.9.4]
  • Version 11.0.x → 11.2.4  [Requires firmware update - 6.9.4]
  • Version 11.1.1 → 11.2.4  [Requires firmware update - 6.9.4]
  • Version 11.1.2 → 11.2.4  
  • Version 11.1.4 → 11.2.4  
  • Version 11.2.2 → 11.2.4  
  • Version 11.2.3 → 11.2.4  

For any other upgrade specific questions regarding Storage Sync, please contact Egnyte Support. 


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