SFTP (Beta) Program

SFTP is currently in beta and is not officially supported yet. We are currently gathering feedback for the new feature. Please send your inquiries or comments to sftp.beta@egnyte.com.


We are glad to announce the SFTP beta program! The feature is ready to use, however, we would like to hear your feedback before making it generally available. 

How to participate in the beta? To join the SFTP beta program, you can send a request to sftp.beta@egnyte.com or contact your Account Manager.

How to provide a feedback during the beta program? The feedback can be sent to sftp.beta@egnyte.com. You can also comment on the Community Website. We are looking forward to hearing back from you!

How to configure SFTP? As soon as you have a confirmation of participation in the beta program, you can enable FTP. To do so, navigate to Settings and make sure you are on the Configuration tab. Choose Applications from the left side and scroll down to the FTP section.  Make sure you click on Enable FTP and choose the types of users that will be able to utilize the feature. You'll need to select the SFTP Beta checkbox and click Save


How to upload/download files and folders via SFTP? We have tested SFTP with the following SFTP client programs: FileZilla, CyberDuck, commandline Linux/Mac SFTP client, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business SFTP connector. You can find more information on how to configure FileZilla (to access your Egnyte domain via SFTP) here.

Can I use SFTP with SSH Public Key Authentication? Currently, you can use only username/password based authentication, which is still enough for the majority of the use cases.  We might add the SSH public key-based authentication in the future.  


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