Web UI (November 06, 2018)

We’ve made changes to our products based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out! Don't forget to comment about these changes on the Community Website.

Email Notification when Turbo device is unreachable: When Turbo devices are offline, an email notification will be sent to Egnyte domain admin(s). The offline email notification will be sent after 1 hour of inactivity from Turbo.


Improvements for storage device listing: You can now easily see a summary of active and offline (offline includes offline and disabled) devices. Click the particular row to see the details.


Replaced Desktop Sync trial on-boarding step with Desktop App step: As we see growing interest in the Desktop App through all of our customers, we've improved user on-boarding by replacing the Desktop Sync step with Desktop App.


Increased performance of Folder Size report computation:
With increased performance, the maximum number of folders to be included in the report has also increased significantly. Earlier, the total number of folders was 4,000. Currently, for Admins and Power Users having the role allowing to generate reports for all the folders, the limit of folders is 100,000. For Power Users having the role allowing generate reports only for the folders they have access to, the limit has been increased to 10,000.

Zipped download file now preserves timestamps: When you download multiple files in a zip file, the modified timestamp (within the zip file) for each file is now preserved. 

SFTP beta (limited availability): In this release we introduce SFTP beta - the feature is available to a few selected participants. Customers who are willing to join the SFTP beta program can send a request to sftp.beta@egnyte.com or contact their CSMs directly.


Export Egnyte SAML Metadata XML. Now one can easily export Egnyte metadata in XML format. When the SSO auth type is set to SAML 2.0, the Export Egnyte metadata XML link appears on the right. 


When this link is clicked, a Service Provider metadata XML file is downloaded by your browser.



 In addition to the described above improvements, the update also contains:

  • Various Preview fixes: Zooming in IE 11 and Edge browsers, timeouts, and more.

  • Search improvements for folders with space and special characters

  • A setting for delayed sync of specific file extensions

  • Minor Trash improvements and fixes

  • Minor improvements in Storage calculation and file retention

  • Minor improvements to Sync event delivery

  • Blocked Desktop Sync clients version 8.x and below



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