WebEdit 2.2.6 (10/26/2018)

Our Egnyte WebEdit is better than ever! We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check out these new features.

  • Move skipped files to Desktop: WebEdit always saves your changes locally before uploading to Egnyte. In some unforeseen circumstances such as network error, WebEdit might not be able to upload your changes to the cloud. After many unsuccessful attempts to upload a file to the cloud, WebEdit now will move the file to a folder in Desktop to better safeguard your data. This means you can easily find your skipped files right on the Desktop and upload them manually to Egnyte.

  • OpenSSL library bundled: WebEdit now shipped with its own OpenSSL library.

 Experience the difference. Download the newest version from the app store today.

Other Issues Addressed

  • Security fix to prevent privilege escalation attack.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes WebEdit cannot detect changes to .dwg files due to AutoCad saving mechanics.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes WebEdit cannot update changes to the cloud due to constant locking attempts.
  • Fixed SSLv3 handshake failure caused by outdated system’s OpenSSL library. WebEdit is now shipped with its own openssl library.
  • Fixed rare issue where sometimes WebEdit cannot be started due to improper unicode print string encoders.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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