Egnyte Connect for Android 8.1 (10/11/18)

Release Date: 10/11/18


New Features and Enhancements


Direct Links - Create a folder link to share with yourself or your teammates. These links require the recipient to have the correct access permissions because they open directly in Egnyte Connect, allowing the recipient to pick up where they left off.   



Auto-Photo Uploader Widget - Install the Auto-Photo Uploader widget on your home screen so that you can quickly queue up photos you've taken for work. We will automatically load your selected images into Egnyte the moment you have network connectivity.




Key Issues Addressed

 - Certain operating systems (i.e. Samsung) do system-driven storage cleanups. Initially, this would cause offlined files to be removed unexpectedly. The Egnyte app has moved its locally- stored files for improved persistent storage.

The sort-order of file and folder names beginning with multiple 0’s did not match the sort order names in other Egnyte Connect products (i.e. Web UI).




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Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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