Web UI (September 26, 2018)

We’ve made changes to the product based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out and comment on the Community Website.

Separate tabs for Turbo and Cloud Migration Manager devices: Now it’s easier for administrators to filter different types of devices. 

Under the Turbo tab, only the Turbo devices are listed. 


Under the Cloud Migration Manager tab, only the Cloud Migration Manager devices are listed.



Thumbnail support for 500MB video files: The Web UI is now supporting thumbnails for video files bigger than 100MB. Users can see thumbnails for video files up to 500MB!



Extended support for power users to run "Folder Size" report: 

Power users can be given access to reports via roles with one of two different options:

  1. On all files and folders.
  2. On files and folders that they have access to.

If the power user's role allows generating a report on all folders, it is possible to select all folders in Shared even if there are no permissions to that. If the power user's role allows generating a report only of those folders, which are available to permissions, for those without permissions there is no possibility to run a report. Instead of that, the user will see disabled submit button with a proper message at the bottom.



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