Desktop Sync 9.2.5 for Mac and Windows (September 25, 2018)

Changes in this version include:

  • CRITICAL update to improve handling of legacy Windows 8.3 paths:
    • 8.3 format paths are no longer generated from Desktop Sync unless the name of file or folder appears the same in Windows explorer. This will prevent unnecessary duplication of content in such folders.
    • Actions in 8.3 paths in the cloud no longer result in unintended changes in corresponding long file paths.
    • Users will see a new skip message when there is a conflict between a 8.3 path in the cloud and a long file path in their sync directory that would prevent the 8.3 path from being downloaded.
  • Fix to prevent ‘maximum recursion depth’ errors.
  • Fix for issue on Mac where upgrading could cause data deletion when the local username had a leading space character.
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