Cloud Migration Manager 1.4.1 (09/13/2018)

Escalations and Key Issues Addressed

Migration hangs or UI becomes unresponsive due to Out-of-Memory Conditions 

Addressed an issue with the internal migration database where the memory consumption increased as the number of objects (files, folders, permissions) to migrate increased. This has been handled by optimizing some fields in the database to store just the relevant information.

In addition, migration will pause and throw a UI notification when it reaches the 90% threshold. The admin can shut down the VM, add the recommended memory in order to resume the migration.


Migration for Permissions and Folder Creation hangs with an incorrect API Limit 

Addressed an issue where folder and permission migration used to incorrectly abort with an error that the number of API calls have hit the daily API threshold limit. This occurred in scenarios where CMM was unable to authenticate with the public API framework (Mashery) and defaulted to a low threshold limit as defined within the product.


Incorrect Permission Translation to None for specific users and groups 

Fixed an issue where permissions for certain users or groups translated to None on specific folders that had multiple permission entries for the given user or group. Cloud Migration Manager did not correctly handle the aggregation of all the individual permission entries for the user or group at a folder-level.



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