Egnyte Connect Desktop App v3.0 for Windows and Mac (09/10/18)

A new look for users

We’ve completely redesigned the interface of the Desktop App to allow users to easily find the content they need and see the state of the device.

Consistent across platforms

Many of our users like to switch between Windows and Mac. To help with this, we made the new UI the same across both platforms. Admins will also find training and on-boarding users across platforms much easier.

The new interface on Windows and Mac

Recently uploaded files

We made it even easier to find the files you recently worked on with the addition of the Recently Uploaded list. Users can also share links directly from the view.

View and share recently uploaded files


Improved device management for admins

Version 3.0 of the Desktop App introduces several device management capabilities to give admins broader control over the devices from which the desktop app is used.

Remote wipe

Admins now have a way to remotely wipe Egnyte content that is synced to a user’s desktop. Triggering a remote wipe from the device management console completely removes drives, content and metadata for a user on a specified device.

Remote wipe from the web

Device entitlement

To further increase security and control, admins can now specify a list of white-listed AD domains that users' devices must be joined to for them to be able to use the Desktop App. For more information see our helpdesk page on device entitlement.

Admins can prevent use of the Desktop App on unauthorized devices

More information for admins and advanced users

To make it easier for admins and advanced users to understand interactions between the Desktop App, Turbo, and the cloud, we’ve introduced a new advanced view. The view shows what cloud and turbo hosts are available for connection based on the user's network profile.

Advanced view


Other changes


  • Admins can now configure folders to sync for offline access during mass deployment with the command-line tool.
  • Improvement to startup speed when there are a large number of files queued for upload.
  • Improvement to add more categories of skips in the 'skipped files' view.
  • Fix to show the 'Print' option in the context menu for images.
  • Fix to prevent a rare issue where the upload process would stall while uploading a large number of files.
  • Fix for a rare issue where a relatively small file would be reported as skipped due to being over the domain size limit.


  • Fix to prevent links in Adobe InDesign showing as broken until the parent folder of the linked asset was opened in Finder.
  • Fix to prevent incorrect conflict notifications being generated after a file is renamed while being uploaded.


More information about the Desktop App

Download the latest version of the Desktop App for Windows or Mac from the helpdesk or the Apps & Integrations page in your Egnyte domain.

View our mass deployment guide for Windows and Mac for mass deployment options available to admins.

For additional information about the Desktop App, refer to the Desktop App section in our helpdesk.


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