How to Upgrade

The upgrade steps will differ depending on your Virtual Machine (VM) provider and its current version. Please find the appropriate section below and follow the provided steps.

VMware & Hyper-V

  1. Go to https://<Storage-Sync-IP-address>:5480 URL in a web browser.
  2. Click the Update tab.
  3. Select the Check Updates button and verify the latest version ( shows.
  4. Click the Install Updates button to start the process.


  5. After the upgrade has completed, you MUST then follow the Migration Guide to migrate from 10.3 to the latest version of Storage Sync (11.2.x)



DO NOT update the firmware to 6.9.3 until steps 1-5 have been completed.

  1. Ensure that a NETGEAR snapshot of the Storage Sync share (ELC) has been created.
  2. Download and extract the ReadyNAS 6.6.1 firmware.
  3. Install the firmware on the System page by clicking Settings and then scrolling down and clicking on Install Firmware


  4. While on ReadyNAS 6.6.1, update Storage Sync by going to the Storage Sync 10.3.5 version
  5. Once the firmware has  been updated, open a new tab or browser window and navigate to http://<Storage-Sync-IP-Address>:8806
  6. Go to the Apps tab and click on Upload and Browse your files to upload the 10.3.5.deb package.


  7. Click Upload.
  8. Navigate back to the System page, select Settings, and click Check for Updates.


  9. Once the update and reboot has been completed, the system should now be on 6.9.3, however, the Storage Sync application may not work until the final update is completed. 
  10. Download the Storage Sync 11.1.4 deb file and repeat steps 4 & 5 with the new .deb file. 
  11. After the second upgrade is completed, you MUST follow the Migration Guide to migrate from 10.3 to the latest version of Storage Sync (11.2.x)


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