Cloud Migration Manager 1.4.0 (8/8/2018)

How to Upgrade

  • Automatic Software Upgrade from CMM v1.3.6 or older


In the CMM 1.4 VM template, the VM memory increases from 4 GB to 8 GB by default. However, existing CMM devices can also adjust memory after deploying by editing memory settings.

A share rescan is required after upgrading to 1.4.0.

Migrating data changes is not yet available in 1.4.0.  To capture change, an additional scan is required before migration.


New Features

Cloud Migration Manager 1.4 introduces a Scan Phase to identify potential areas where file and folder may not be accepted by the Egnyte cloud during migration.  CMM 1.4 enhances the reporting and the ability to export the reports based on exceptions such as:

  • Large files
  • Specific file types (temp files)
  • Unsupported characters
  • Too many files in a single folder
  • Malware files

Additionally, the scan phase will display how many folders and files will need to be migrated, as well as potential errors that may come up in the migration step.  Once the scan step is completed CMM gives the administrator the opportunity to make any corrections and rescan the share before attempting to migrate any data.



Issues / Enhancements Addressed

The latest Cloud Migration Manager patch release includes the following:

  • A change to the share mapping UI dialog to connect to a Windows share
  • A change to prevent connections from a share over anything below SMB1
  • A fix to allow retries with increased wait time when encountering server errors
  • A fix to properly identify the process status of a file or folder during migrations



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