Egnyte Connect for Android 8.0 (8/6/2018)

We are extra excited to introduce the Egnyte Connect app version 8.0 for Android! Here's what's new:


  • Recent Files -

    Due to the unpredictable conditions of network connectivity, minimizing the number of steps needed to reach your files is very important. End users want faster and more instant access; we’re really excited to bring you the Recent Files feature. We surface the files that you've been working on, regardless of which Egnyte endpoint you were using, so that you can instantly pickup where you've left off!

  • Universal Preview for Folders -

    Not so long ago, we brought you Universal Preview for Files. This feature allows you to open file links seamlessly into the Egnyte mobile apps. This feature works regardless of whether the end-user has an Egnyte account or not, all they need to do is download the Egnyte app. This is super helpful if your own or contracted workforce is a prolonged and mobile one.

    Now we’re bringing you Universal Preview for Folders. Just like the Universal Preview for Files feature, folder links will open seamlessly into the Egnyte mobile app. This means you will have an end-to-end native browsing and preview experience on all your shared links. Our mobile app will allow you to easily browse, zoom, and search within your files. Giving your teams complete access with confidence. 

  • Improved Preview for PDF and Office files -

    File preview being the most important use case for our mobile users, we spent some serious efforts improving its rendering and performance capabilities. This means that more annotation types are supported for display and larger PDF/Office files will load faster. 

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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