We launched Egnyte Cloud Copy in 2018 to help Egnyte customers needing to migrate data from their active Egnyte cloud to Egnyte’s archive cloud. The product was purpose-built for migrating one or more project folders to the archive cloud. 

In the last several months, we've received several requests from customers to utilize Egnyte Cloud Copy to migrate all their data from one Egnyte cloud to another. In such scenarios, customers expect to migrate large volumes of data within a well-defined time window from the source to the destination Egnyte cloud. 

Unfortunately, the current product architecture is not yet aligned to fit these requirements. To serve the increased scalability and performance expectations, Egnyte Cloud Copy will require a revamp of its current architecture. After careful deliberation, we have decided to temporarily suspend the Egnyte Cloud Copy services to focus on making the necessary improvements to satisfy these new requirements. We plan to re-launch a much more scalable, feature-rich, and user-friendly product early next year. During this time, please reach out to your Egnyte Account Manager if you need assistance with cloud migrations.