Cloud Migration Manager (CMM) is Egnyte’s self-service data migration tool that enables you to migrate files, folders, and their associated permissions from a Windows Server to the cloud. 

Storage Sync is Egnyte’s hybrid deployment solution. It synchronizes files from the Egnyte cloud to an on-premise server. Even though Storage Sync is primarily used as a hybrid platform to keep an on-premise copy of your files, it can also be leveraged as a migration tool to copy data from legacy Windows Servers to the Egnyte cloud.

Here’s an example of a situation where using Cloud Migration Manager and Storage Sync together may be a good option for migration: You have top-level folders, permissions, and 15TB of data to migrate to Egnyte. You’ll use Cloud Migration Manager to migrate your folders and permissions. You’ll use Storage Sync to migrate the data. 

This document describes how to leverage Storage Sync and Cloud Migration Manager to migrate data and permissions from your Windows Server to the cloud.  

Storage Sync and Cloud Migration Manager Capabilities

Please refer to the following documents to ensure that permission and data migration goals are aligned with Storage Sync and Cloud Migration Manager capabilities.

Using Storage Sync to migrate to Egnyte

Using Cloud Migration Manager to migrate to Egnyte

Set up Egnyte Domain

You can skip the following steps if you already have an Egnyte cloud account

  1. Set up your Egnyte account.
  2. Configure the users and groups in the Egnyte cloud. Align the users and groups with those you have created on your Windows Server. This will help migrate user and group permissions seamlessly from your Windows Server to Egnyte if you plan to migrate permissions as-is from your Windows Server using Cloud Migration Manager.

If you choose to migrate users and groups from your on-premise Active Directory, read our helpdesk article to learn more about how you can leverage Egnyte’s ADKit that automates the AD user and group migration to the cloud.

Install Cloud Migration Manager and Storage Sync

Install Cloud Migration Manager

Install Storage Sync

Migrate Permissions and Data

  1. Migrate Folders and Permissions using Cloud Migration Manager.
  2. Configure Storage Sync for data migration.
  3. Migrate the data from your Network Share to Storage Sync.
  4. Optionally migrate your users to Storage Sync.