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Prerequisites for Using Migration App to Migrate from On-Premises Sources to Egnyte



Any user of the Migration App.

Migration App is Egnyte’s self-service data migration tool that enables you to easily move files, folders, and their associated permissions from an on-premises network share to the cloud. There are a few considerations for determining if Migration App is the right tool for your project. 

This article outlines Migration App capabilities, key considerations, and migration steps that will help you plan for your data migration. 

What Migration App Can Migrate



Data Size

Recommended <4TB per Migration Job

By default, Migration App imposes a size limit on migration jobs, but this will vary depending on your domain. Nonetheless, we recommend parsing jobs into smaller subsets. So if the source folder for migration contains more than 4TB, we recommend you split the migration into several smaller jobs, where each job migrates a subset of the data (<4TB) from your network share.

Note that you can run 3-4 migration jobs simultaneously from the same Agent.

Number of files and folders (objects)

Recommended <5 Million Objects

By default, Migration App has a set limit on the number of objects in a job, although the limit depends on your specific domain. Nonetheless, we suggest organizing your jobs so that you migrate in smaller batches. If the Source folder for a migration job has more than 5 million objects (a combination of files and sub-folders), we recommend that you split the migration into several smaller jobs, where each migrates a subset of the files and folders (< 5 million) from your Source.

Migrate Permissions

Migration App allows you to migrate permissions from your network share.

This article outlines how permissions on the network share are translated to Egnyte Cloud permissions.

Supported Permission Model on source: WindowsNTFS

Supported File Types

See this article detailing Egnyte's standard supported file types.

Supported File Size

Maximum file size based on your plan 

This is not a Migration App limitation but depends on your plan. Check your plan details for more information.

Supported Folder Size

Maximum 50,000 immediate children per folder

This is not a Migration App limitation. This is a hard limit for all Egnyte domains. If you have a folder with more than 50,000 files or sub-folders, split the parent folder into smaller folders with less than 50,000 immediate children before you try to migrate it.

Maximum Length of Filename

245 bytes (245 characters)

This is not a Migration App limitation. It is dictated by Egnyte for all domains. Files with a title greater than 245 bytes will be skipped from migration. Please fix such file names before migration
A file path is structured in the following order: Drive letter, colon, backslash, name, followed by components separated by backslashes.
X:\Shared\Sales\Customers\ACME\ = 31 characters

Maximum Length of Folder Path

5000 bytes (characters)

This limitation is inherited from the Egnyte Cloud File System for all domains.

Supported Migration Source

Windows Server 2010 and later

Support for Data True-Ups

Once you have migrated your data to Egnyte, you can subsequently run True-Ups to sync any deltas between the source and Egnyte. That way, users can continue to collaborate and modify the original files while Migration App synchronizes these modifications with Egnyte cloud. 

Empty Folders

There is an option to create Empty Folders as part of any migration job.

Symbolic Links

There is an option to migrate content from Symbolic Links as part of any migration job.


What Migration App Cannot Migrate




Data from other cloud storage platforms

Migration App is limited to migrating from on-premises sources or from directories that can be mapped to a Windows drive from a host server. This tool does not support migration from other cloud platforms such as Box, Dropbox, or SharePoint Online (SPO). 

Depending on the source, we have other migration capabilities that may be able to assist. For other source repositories, contact Professional Services.

Support for Permission True-ups

If permissions on the source folder for migration are constantly changing during or after migration, Migration App cannot capture the differences and migrate these delta changes to the cloud.

Once you migrate the permissions, they should be managed in the cloud moving forward.

Apply permissions directly in the cloud.

Migrate Users and Groups

Note that before Migrating Permissions with Migration App, users and groups must already be created on your Egnyte domain. 

This needs to be done separately prior to migrating permissions

Unsupported File Types

Database files (Exchange, QuickBooks, SQL, Oracle, MS Access)

Package Files (Mac specific files)

Resource forks

Alternative Data Streams

Refer to this article to learn more about unsupported file types.

No workaround.

Egnyte does not support migrating these file types to the cloud.

Files without a Last Modified Time or a Last Modified Time in the future

Migration App cannot migrate these files, however they will be detected during the scan command.

Change the last modified time to a current time or time in the past before migrating them to the cloud. There are well-documented scripts available by searching the Internet.

Files or folders that have been vaulted

Cannot be migrated when in vaulted state.

Unvault the file or folder on the Source before migrating to the cloud.


Project Milestones & Migration Set-Up


Approximate Duration

1. Set up your Egnyte domain.

<1 Day

2. Configure Users and Groups in your Egnyte domain.

1-2 Days

3. Enable Migration App on the domain

Currently, this is a manual process and can take up to 2 business days.

4. Set up whitelisting on your firewall. See below for Migration Prerequisites.


5. Install Migration App CMM Agent 


6. Run a test migration job of ~10MB with Migration App at least 1 week in advance of the planned Migration.


7. Prepare your migration plan for how you'll break up the Migration into migration jobs of <4TB/<5M objects.

1 Day

8. Create Migration Jobs


9. Run Initial Data Migration

Varies depending on the amount of data

10. Run True-Ups

Varies depending on the amount of data

11. Run Permissions Migrations

Varies depending on the number of permissions.

12. Cut over users to the Egnyte cloud

1 Day

Migration Prerequisites 



Customer Domain

Must be a valid Egnyte domain not in a trial phase.  Trial domains have very limited storage, which will lead to the failure of migration jobs. One exception may be Enterprise Trials, where there is a higher storage ceiling.

On-Premises Host Machine Specifications

Minimum 4 CPUs

Minimum 8 GB available RAM

Note: A machine provisioned with only 8MB RAM will rarely be able to install the Agent, as the host system will always consume a portion of memory.

Minimum 10 GB available disk space.

Windows OS versions: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Storage Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Storage Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Storage Server 2019

Domain Credentials

Admin credentials required to register the Migration Agent.

Can also use Role-based assignment to Power Users

Firewall Whitelisting

You must whitelist several URLs for outbound access in order for Migration App to function properly. See Firewall Requirements.

Migration Source

Any source accessible to the Windows Host Server

Windows Domain Administrator Account

Required for scanning permissions and files on a network share (source for migration)


Questions? Feature Requests? Other Feedback?

If you have feature requests or suggestions, feel free to submit them here, and make sure you mention Migration App in the text

For more complex requests that would benefit from providing screenshots or other attachments, you may submit them to support@egnyte.com. Be sure to include Migration App in the email title. Our Support team will push your comments to the Product team for consideration.



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