FTP is a technology that transfers files more efficiently than standard HTML web browsers, decreasing your upload and download times anywhere from 20-60%. 

Egnyte is compatible with most FTP clients; we support FTPS (File Transfer Protocol over implicit TLS/SSL) and FTPeS (File Transfer Protocol over explicit TLS/SSL).

We do not support the ASCII transfer mode; please use the binary mode instead.

FTP access is limited to Admins and Power Users on the Office, Business, or Enterprise plans. Trial users on these plans are limited to uploading 1GB total via FTP.   

What FTP can Migrate

FTP is a viable solution for the following scenarios:



Data Size

< 500GB

We recommend using FTP if you are initially migrating up to 500GB of data or if you are uploading files that are each larger than 2.5GB.

Migrate from Document Repositories that do not support SMB


FTP is a viable option for document repositories such as NFS shares that do not support SMB protocol. Install FTP client on the document repository and migrate files to Egnyte cloud.

Preserve File Modification Timestamps


Most FTP clients listed above have an option that permits preserving source files’ Last Modified Time after it gets migrated to the cloud.

Supported File Types

Microsoft Office Suite (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx)

Adobe Suite (.ps, .eps, .prn, .ai, .psd, .u3d, .prc, .indd)

Image files (.bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .tif, .png, .pcx, .emf, .rle, .dib)

AutoDesk AutoCAD (.dwg, .dwt, .dxf, .dwf, .dst)

AutoDesk Revit (.rvt)

AutoDesk 3D files (.u3d, .prc)

Text Files (.txt, .rtf)

Compressed files (.zip)

Supported File Size

Maximum of 10GB per file

Check your plan details for more information.

Supported Folder Size

50,000 files/sub-folders per folder

If you have a folder with more than 50,000 files or sub-folders, split the parent folder into smaller folders with less than 50,000 immediate children.

Maximum Length of Filename

245 bytes

Files with titles greater than 245 bytes will be skipped from migration. Please fix such filenames before copying them to the drive.

Maximum Length of Folder Path

5000 bytes


What FTP cannot Migrate

FTP is not a viable solution for the following scenarios, but alternative options are described:




Permission Migration


FTP does not migrate permissions from the source document repository to the cloud.

You can use The Migration App to migrate permissions or apply permissions directly in the cloud.

Migrate Users and Groups


  1. Active Directory Migration: AD Kit
  2. Third-party SSO: Egnyte integrates with  SSO/SAML Providers

Migration Reports


FTP does not generate migration reports on files that got migrated or excluded.

*Depends on the FTP client.

Use Audit Reports in the cloud to track files and folders that got migrated from FTP.

Support for Data True-ups


If the files and folders on the source folder for migration are constantly changing (due to user edits) during or after migration, FTP cannot capture the differences and migrate these delta changes to the cloud.

Note: Do not attempt a repeat migration as this will duplicate your cloud storage.

*Depends on the FTP client.

Storage Sync

Deploy Storage Sync and move the contents of the source repository to it and set up a drive letter for your users to point to Storage Sync. That way, users can continue to modify files while Storage Sync synchronizes these modifications with the Egnyte cloud.


Project Milestones


Approximate Duration


Due Date

1. Set up your Egnyte domain.

1 Day


2. Configure Users and Groups in your Egnyte domain.

1 Day


3. Download and configure FTP.

Half Day


5. Perform Migration.

Varies depending on amount of data


6. Cut over users to Egnyte.

1 Day



Requirements for Using FTP

The following table details the requirements for using FTP to Migrate your data. 



FTP Software for Windows

Recommended client:
FileZilla Version 3.33 or higher (free)

Other popular FTP clients:
Core FTP LE (free), WinSCP (free), Cyberduck (free), Bitkinex (free), WS FTP Pro (paid)

FTP Software for Mac

Recommended client:
FileZilla (free)

Other popular FTP clients:
Cyberduck (free), Fetch (paid)

Firewall Restrictions

If your firewall has restrictions and blocks certain ports, you may need to allow outbound FTP port (21). Egnyte uses the following ports below for data transfer.

10000-12000 & 20000-22000