Egnyte Connect Desktop App 2.2.0 for Windows (June 12, 2018)

Version 2.2.0 of the Egnyte Connect Desktop App for Windows includes the following changes:

  1. NEW FEATURE: Users can now see a view showing files that are skipped from updating with suggested steps to resolution.
  2. NEW FEATURE: Users can now see the total number of files remaining to be uploaded.
  3. NEW FEATURE: New Manage Offline Folders view makes it easier for users to manage existing offline folders.
  4. NEW FEATURE: Users can now use third-party integrations directly from the Desktop App.
  5. Fix for issue where modified time is not correctly preserved when copying files to synchronizedf folders.
  6. Fix for rare issue where Egnyte actions would not show in the explorer context menu.
  7. Fix to prevent attempts to upload files that are larger than the size limit defined by your Egnyte subscription plan. Users will be notified and guided to take appropriate action in the new ‘skipped files’ view.
  8. Fix for rare case where opening a file from the file picker inside some applications would not download the latest version.
  9. Fix to ignore certain actions from Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection Service for improved usability.
  10. Fix for rare issue where the Desktop App would not update user information for a user whose account was deleted from the cloud and subsequently recreated with the same username.

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