Turbo 1.1.1 (5/16/2018)

Release Notes (1.1.1) - 05/16/2018

Issues Addressed:

The following enhancements have been addressed in Turbo Release 1.1.1:

  • Enhancement to incorporate an NTP service in the installer eliminating the need for VM hosts to have NTP configured.
  • Enhancement to sync engine performance to help speed up initial sync.

Known Limitations:
Changing/Renaming: Turbo UI allows administrators to create a device name during first-time install, however, we currently do not allow the name changes after the initial configuration process.

Maximum Allowed Storage: Turbo currently supports a maximum of 16 TB data disk per Turbo device with increments of 2 TB as a maximum per Disk. For Example, if you need 8 TB of data disk, it is recommended to add four disks of 2 TB’s each. Please follow instructions in the product guide for details on adding new disks.

Resizing/Deleting Disks: Turbo does not allow resizing or deleting existing data disks. To increase the size of data disk administrators are recommended to follow instructions for adding new disks in the product guide.

Unsupported File Types: Turbo does not currently support AutoDesk Revit files. For details on supported file types review the helpdesk article or reach out to turbo-feedback@egnyte.com for clarification.

Folder Move Operation: Folder move operations between synced and un-synced folders when a Desktop App client is Turbo connected is not supported in this version of the release. Users shall experience the following symptoms while trying these operations. 


Symptom noticed by user

Moving a sub-folder that is synced to Turbo under a folder that is in CFS using Egnyte Connect Desktop Application

(Folder synced to Turbo  -> Folder in CFS)

User is prompted with a Move Failed for Audit Test message as shown below.



Moving a sub-folder that is in CFS to a folder that is synced to Turbo using Egnyte Connect Desktop Application

 (Folder to CFS  -> Folder synced to Turbo)

In very rare scenario’s where there are a lot of sub-folders/files under the moved folder it can a few seconds/mins for the folder to synchronize down to Turbo and be visible to the user.   



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