Web UI Release - Folder Size Report (5/10/2018)


Tonight’s Web UI release includes a new Folder Size Report and a number of other improvements


Folder Size Report

The all-new Folder Size Report is faster and easier to use than the old Folder Size Report.  The report gives you information about the number of files, versions, and their sizes for a given folder and its descendants.  You can optionally choose to include stats for all of the subfolders beneath the selected folder. For example, if you have a folder /Shared/Projects that has 100 projects beneath it, you could run a report for /Shared/Projects and choose the option to report down to 1 level deep in the hierarchy.  The report will include a row for /Shared/Projects as well as for each of its immediate subfolders. Previously this would have required clicking on each of these 100 subfolders manually.

Learn more about the Folder Size Report


Miscellaneous Improvements

This release also includes the following improvements:


  • The folder “Share” menu now includes a link to a course on Egnyte University that covers the different ways you can share folders
  • Turbo administrators can choose whether to have their devices upgraded automatically or manually
  • The Public API for creating a folder now returns the folder ID on success
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