Cloud Migration Manager 1.3.6 (5/3/2018)

How to Upgrade

  • Automatic Software Upgrade from CMM v1.3.4 or older
  • New CMM OVA deploy 

New Features

Cloud Migration Manager Non-inherited Permissions

On file servers, permissions don't always follow inheritance all the way down the folder path.  Explicit permissions are often used in NTFS to reduce and deny access to subfolder.  Cloud Migration Manager now can map non-inherited permissions to match an equivalent Egnyte permission model.  Keep in mind there will be minor differences between NTFS and Egnyte permission mappings due to granularity with NTFS's file level permissions.

Issues Addressed

The latest Cloud Migration Manager patch release includes the following:

  • A fix to handle errors when hitting an object count limit in a single folder
  • A change to list, traverse, and modify permission mappings to Egnyte


Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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