Service Accounts


A Service Account is an Egnyte account that is meant to be used by an application instead of by a user.  Examples of applications include Storage Sync, Turbo, Egnyte Protect, or applications built with the Egnyte API.  With applications like these, the account is not using Egnyte interactively. Administrator or Power User accounts can be set as a service account.  

Service Accounts differ from other accounts in the following ways:

  • Service Accounts cannot be used with interactive applications such as the Egnyte Web UI, desktop, or mobile apps.
  • Service Accounts are not subject to password expiry rules (for Egnyte-authenticated Service Accounts).  Service Accounts’ passwords do not expire in order to eliminate the downtime of an application that would normally occur if the password expires.
  • Service Accounts are not subject to requirements for Two-Step Login Verification
  • Service Accounts do not need to have a unique email address.  A Service Account can use the same email address as another user in your Egnyte account.  The email address for a Service Account is used purely for email notifications and not for authentication.
  • Service Account email addresses do not require email verification.
  • Administrators can set the password of a service account.



The Service Account feature is currently in limited availability release.  If you don't have the feature enabled and would like to use it, please contact Egnyte Support.


Changing a Normal Account to a Service Account

To create a Service Account, you first need to create a normal account that is either an Administrator or Power User account.  An Administrator account is required for use with Storage Sync, Turbo, or Egnyte Protect. Power User accounts can be used for Public API applications or FTP in order to limit the account to a specific set of folders and to control permissions.

Once you have created a user, you can change the account to a Service Account on the user details page by clicking “Treat as a service account”:

Once you click this, you need to confirm the change by clicking “Confirm”:

After this, the user will be a Service Account.  When looking at the list of users, the account will now show a “SERVICE ACCOUNT” badge.


Changing the Password for a Service Account

Since Service Accounts cannot log into the Web UI, they can't change their own passwords.  Because of this, other (non-Service Account) Administrators can change the password of a Service Account.  You can do this from the user detail screen:

 Passwords for service accounts must be at least 12 characters long


Changing a Service Account Back to a Normal Account

You can change a Service Account back to a normal account by clicking the option “Don't treat as a service account” in the user details screens:


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