Comparing Project Turbo to Storage Sync


Storage Sync and Project Turbo are two hybrid offerings that are available to our customers. Each of the solutions caters to a different set of use cases for the customer. The below table intends to provide customers with some clarity on the best recommended hybrid solution for their requirement. 

Do you need 

Supported on Storage Sync

Supported on Project Turbo

Support for special file types (Revit) Yes  
Support for synced folders to be available offline Yes  
Support for a single desktop client to provide a unified view of all content   Yes
Support for Netgear NAS  Yes  
Support for Sync Data size larger than 16 TB Yes  
Support for 3rd party SSO Authentication (Ping/Okta)   Yes
Support for Global File Locking   Yes
Support for a hybrid solution to also serve as an initial migration tool  Yes  
Support for file sizes larger than 5 GB Yes  
Support for SMB based endpoints like printers/scanners Yes  
Support to HTTP Web proxy Yes  
Support for scheduled sync's (Once Daily, Every few hours) Yes  
Support for prioritization of files for sync Yes  
Support to exclude certain file types from sync Yes  
Support for Microsoft DFS Yes  
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