Compromised Account rule, Sensitive Content remediation and More!

Sensitive Content move & delete remediations

When you find locations in your Egnyte Connect repository with unpermitted sensitive content, you can now move or delete such content right from the Sensitive Content View. For example, files with employee information that belong in the Human Resources folder may have been accidentally created in a public folder. You can choose to either delete these unpermitted files or move them to the Human Resources folder. With either remediation option, you can also choose to automatically leave “stub” files behind - text files with the same file names explaining the actions taken.

For more details see here.

Permitted Content settings

You can now tell Egnyte Protect in advance to permit sensitive content in certain locations in your Connect repository. From the Content Sources settings page, you can proactively specify the parts of your folder hierarchy that are permitted to contain content matching each classification policy. The content permissions that you set from this settings page will be kept in sync with permissions created via the Sensitive Content View.

For more details see here.

Personal Finance keyword list

We have added another built-in keyword list - Personal Finance terms, in the Finance section. These are words typically found in personal finance documents such as “mortgage interest”.

Compromised Account issues

The new Compromised Account analysis rule identifies potentially hacked accounts within Egnyte Connect sources. Compromised accounts are identified by two criteria:

  1. Any login from a restricted country will flag an issue. Countries considered restricted are based on the US State Department’s list of countries with export controls and include China, Russia and North Korea. You can remove individual countries from the restricted list via the Issues view or rule settings.

  2. Near-simultaneous logins from distant locations where it would not be possible to travel between these locations in the time between logins will flag an issue. For cases where simultaneous access is expected, per-user exceptions can be created from the Issues view or rule settings. E.g. for shared accounts or access from a VPN.

Mergers & Acquisitions document template

We have added a new document template that looks for documents like Merger agreements, Confidential information memorandums, HSR filings, etc. that are commonly associated with M&A transactions.

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