This integration allows for mutual users of Workplace by Facebook and Egnyte Connect to easily collaborate on their files on the Workplace platform. This integration allows a button for Egnyte users to pull files and post the links in Workplace. These files will maintain the permissions to allow only users who have the correct access to see the file. Additionally, the integration will all allow the ability to unfurl the URL and show previews for certain files.  

How it Works 

With our new integration with Workplace, you will be able to share Egnyte Connect links directly in Workplace. When you write a post in Workplace the Egnyte Connect button is available to choose a file from Egnyte.


We also allow the ability to share your file from Egnyte Connect directly into Workplace. Click one of your Egnyte files and choose the option to Share to Workplace to send that file to your Workplace.


Workplace will also render thumbnails for documents or images shared via public links. When sharing private links, Egnyte will automatically enforce permissions to check if team members have access to the document(s) if clicked on. And best of all – there’s no need to worry about document versions or multiple repositories. Files stay secure in Egnyte while being accessible from your favorite collaboration platform. We’re all about making things easy.


There are two places that the admin of Workplace and Egnyte Connect needs to install our app to activate this integration.

  1. From Workplace, the Admin must go to the Admin Panel and click on Integrations


  2. Click on the Egnyte app and click Install to turn on the integration.


  3. On Egnyte, the Admin must go to Apps & Integrations and enable the integration.