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Smart Cache FAQs


Comparing Storage Sync to Smart Cache 

How do I decide if Smart Cache is the right Hybrid Storage Solution for my use case?

I do not have any available Storage Sync licenses but would like to migrate from Storage Sync to Smart Cache. How do I request temporary licenses?

Can I do a disk migration from Storage Sync to Smart Cache and not have to download content from the cloud again?

Can I deploy Smart Cache on a NETGEAR device similar to Storage Sync?

Can I deploy Smart Cache on other models of hypervisors like Virtualbox? 



How do I switch from Storage Sync to Smart Cache?

Does Smart Cache work in offline mode and service users if it is not connected to CFS?

Will users lose access to the shared folders if a Smart Cache device fails?

How does the Egnyte Desktop App decide which Smart Cache device to connect with?

Can I use Smart Cache as a migration tool to move data from on-premise servers to the cloud?

Do I need a special license for Smart Cache?


What are the firewall ports that need to be opened for Smart Cache to communicate with CFS?

How do I configure a static IP address for Smart Cache?

Can a Smart Cache device be deployed if the deployment has a Web Proxy between the device and the Cloud?

How do I manage access to the Smart Cache device using IP Ranges?

Do I have to create a separate data disk on my virtual machine at the time of installation?

Do I need to create individual users in Smart Cache like Storage Sync?

Can I change or rename the Smart Cache device after the initial installation?

What is the maximum size of storage disks that are supported on Smart Cache?

Can I install multiple Smart Cache devices in the same location?

Do I need to enable Smart Cache on the cloud or Web UI?



How do I increase the size of storage on Smart Cache?

How do I shut down or restart the Smart Cache device?

The admin credentials are listed on the console in plain text, is this a security risk?

How do I resize my data disk or delete an existing disk?

How do I access folders and files from the Smart Cache device on my desktop?

What types of files are supported on Smart Cache?

Can I change the software upgrade window on the Smart Cache device?

Can I disable automatic software upgrades on the Smart Cache device?

How do I make changes to the folder selection after the initial installation?

Can I use SSO Authentication mechanisms if I am using Smart Cache?

Can users be AD authenticated if they are Smart Cache connected?

Can I be Smart Cache connected when I am working from home?

What happens when I travel from one location to another? Am I going to still be connected to the Smart Cache device in my initial location?

How do I add more users to a Smart Cache device?

How many users does Smart Cache support?



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