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How do I decide if Turbo is the right Hybrid Storage Solution for my use case?

Refer to the comparison document for guidance.

Can I deploy Turbo on a NETGEAR device similar to Storage Sync?

Turbo installers are only available for VMware ESXI and Windows Hyper-V. Refer to the System Requirements section in the Product Guide for details on ESXI and Hyper-V.

Can I deploy Turbo on other models of hypervisors like Virtualbox?

Turbo installers are only available for VMware ESXI and Windows Hyper-V. Refer to the System Requirements section in the Product Guide for details on ESXI and Hyper-V.

Does Turbo work in offline mode and service users if it is not connected to CFS?

Turbo does not support offline mode and requires connection to CFS for user authentication and other meta data calls.

Will users lose access to the shared folders if a Turbo device fails?

Turbo uses the Egnyte Connect Desktop App as a single interface for users so if a device fails, then the Desktop App automatically identifies this and services all requests directly to CFS without any user interference.

How does the Egnyte Connect Desktop App decide which device to connect?

Egnyte Connect Desktop App uses a auto discovery mechanism to look for all Turbo devices in the network that the use has permissions for, compares the latency to each device, and identifies the best Turbo device to connect. Listed below is a high level sequence of steps of the discovery process:

Step 1: Get a list of all Turbo devices in the domain.

Step 2: What Turbo devices am I authorized to connect to?

Step 3: Which of those Turbo devices is healthy?

Step 4: Between the cloud and healthy Turbo devices, which device has the least latency?

Step 5: Connect to the best device (fall back to the cloud if you can’t connect).

Can I use Turbo as a migration tool to move data from on-premise servers to cloud?

Turbo does not support this use case but Egnyte has other tools like Cloud Migration Manager or Storage Sync for this purpose. Please reach out to your Egnyte contact for details on these tools. 

Do I need a special license for Turbo?

Turbo utilizes the same license as Storage Sync. As long as you have valid available licenses for Storage Sync, you should be able to use Turbo. 


What are the firewall ports that need to be opened for Turbo to communicate with CFS?

Turbo uses port 443 for all communications to the cloud. For a list of firewall domains that need to be whitelisted, refer to the helpdesk article.

How do I configure Static IP address for the Turbo?

Turbo supports the use of DHCP as well as static IP addressing for network connectivity. For instructions on how to configure Static IP, Refer to the Setting up a Static IP Address for Turbo section in the Product Guide.

Can a Turbo device be deployed if the deployment has a Web Proxy between device and the Cloud?

Turbo does not support deployments with Web Proxy today.

Do I have to create a separate data disk on my virtual machine at the time of installation?

By default, Turbo installers create two data disks, disk 1:system and disk2:data. The data disk is  used as the primary disk for storage and is sized at 50GB. IT administrators are required to resize this disk before first time boot up. After initial boot up additional storage can added by following instructions in the helpdesk article.

Can I change the device name after initial installation?

Turbo does not support changing the device name after initial installation. 

What is the maximum size of disk that is supported on Turbo?

Turbo supports up to 16TB of storage disks with 2TB increments. For instructions on system specifications and how to add new disks refer to the instructions in the Product Guide.

Can I install multiple Turbo devices in the same location?

No, we recommend only one Turbo device be installed at a given location.

Do I need to enable Turbo support on the cloud?

Yes, Turbo support can be enabled from the cloud by navigating to Settings -> Configuration -> Applications page and enabling the Allow users to access folders stored on Turbo device configuration.



How do I increase the size of storage on Turbo?

Turbo does not support extending the existing disks and any operations to increase storage on the device has to be done by adding new disks. For instructions on how to add new disks on VMware and Hyper-V refer to the instructions in the helpdesk article.

How can I shutdown/restart the Turbo device?

Turbo can be shutdown and restarted from the console by selecting specific options. For instructions on how to perform these operations, refer to the Shutdown/Reboot Turbo device section in the Product Guide.

The admin credentials are listed on the console in plain text, is this not a security risk?

The admin credentials are locked and are only available for a specific set of tasks. Any outside access through SSH or other means are blocked and do not pose any security threats.

How do I resize my data-disk or delete an existing disk?

Turbo recognizes all volumes as a single disk, so deleting or resizing disks can corrupt the disk. For instructions on how to add new disks on VMware and Hyper-V refer to the instructions in the helpdesk article.

How do I access folders/files from Turbo device on my desktop?

Egnyte Connect Desktop Application is the client that will seamlessly provide a unified view of all content that is shared with the user irrespective of if the content is synced to the device or rendered from cloud.

Does the Turbo VM support snapshot operations?

Turbo VMs do not support snapshot operations today.

What types of files are supported on Turbo?


Microsoft Office Formats (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx)

Adobe File Formats (.pdf, .ai, .psd, .indd)


Others (.rtf, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp, .txt, .avi, .wmv, .mov, .mp4)


Autodesk Revit (.rte, rvt), Database applications like GIS (ArcGIS)

Can I change the software upgrade window on the Turbo device?

IT administrators are allowed to change the upgrade window from CFS.

Can I disable automatic software upgrades on the Turbo?

Turbo does not support disabling automatic software upgrades.

How do I make changes to folder selection after the initial installation?

Changes to the folder selection can be done through the Turbo UI. Instructions can be found in Modifying Folders/Sub-Folders to be Synchronized section of the Product Guide.

Can I use SSO Authentication mechanisms if I am using Turbo?

Turbo acts as proxy for authentication requests from Desktop Apps and redirects them to CFS for authentication. Turbo supports all CFS SSO authentication mechanisms.

Can users be AD authenticated if they are Turbo connected?

Yes, users can be authenticated against an AD if Active Directory Authentication is enabled in CFS with a LDAP URL. Requests from the Desktop Application will be proxied through a Turbo device to CFS for authentication.

Can I be Turbo connected when I am working from home?

Yes, this is possible in a few rare scenario's if the user has better latency may be through VPN access to Turbo device from home than to the cloud directly. 

What happens when I travel from one location to another? Am I going to still be connected to the Turbo device in my initial location?

The Egnyte Connect Desktop App uses auto discovery to identify the best Turbo device with the least latency and compare it to latency with CFS, therefore the user will always be connected to the source (CFS or Turbo device) with the least latency.

How do I add more users to a Turbo device?

Adding users to use a particular device can be done by creating the user in CFS and adding it to a group that has been associated to a particular device of interest. 


Comparing Storage Sync to Turbo

Do I need to create individual users in Turbo like Storage Sync?

Turbo acts as proxy for authentication requests and redirects them to CFS for authentication, therefore does NOT require administrators to create users on the Turbo device. 

Does Turbo device have support for all features supported in Storage Sync?

Turbo is a new product and supports only a sub set of use cases supported on Storage Sync like real-time sync but not offline access and local AD authentication. Contact your Egnyte contact or send an email to for any clarification on supported use cases.

Does Turbo support Offline access if my site had intermittent internet connection?

Turbo does not support offline mode today as it leverages the cloud for authentication and global file locking. 

I do not have any available Storage Sync licenses, but would like to migrate from Storage Sync to Turbo. How do I request temporary licenses?

Contact your Egnyte contact to request for temporary license or send an email to 

Can I just do a disk migration from Storage Sync to Turbo and not have to download content from CFS again?

Turbo does not allow disk migration from Storage Sync today. Any sync has to be done from CFS to Turbo device at initial installation.









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