Web UI Release (3/14/18)

This Web UI release features updates to editing and opening files from the preview screen

"Open In" Menu in Preview

In this release, we've changed the "Edit" button on the preview screen into an "Open In..." menu that allows you to edit files with WebEdit or to open/edit files in third-party integrations such as Microsoft Office Online, PDFiller, or AutoDesk Forge.  Here's how it looks:

Under the "Open In" menu, you'll see an option "Edit on your desktop".  This option replaces the Edit button and will open the file in Egnyte WebEdit or prompt you to install the application if you haven't installed it yet.The actions under "Edit on your desktop" will depend both on what file type you are previewing and which third-party integrations you've enabled in Apps & Add-ons.  

Coming soon

In an upcoming release, we plan on making a similar change to the share button, extending it to include third-party sharing options from companies like DocuSign and Slack.  We will also be updating the context menus that you see when you select or right-click a file to use these same groupings of edit and share options.

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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