Egnyte Connect Desktop App 2.1.1 for Windows (3/6/2018)

Version 2.1.1 of the Desktop App includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Improvement to ensure that .bak files created by AutoCAD LT are uploaded to the cloud.
  • Improvement to prevent showing unnecessary warning messages for 0 kb files that are not uploaded.
  • Fix for an issue where users would see a 'file corruption' message upon opening a file - this would occur when the file was opened on the users machine, updated by another user in the cloud and then re-opened after a long period of time without restarting the Desktop App.
  • Fix for rare case where visual indicators and the context menu would not be visible due the EgnyteDrive.exe process name being represented in the legacy Windows 8.3 format.
  • Fix to prevent the Desktop App from crashing in some cases where there were attempts to renew locks in the cloud.
  • Fix to prevent an issue encountered when attempting to restart Windows after a long period of having the Desktop App running (eg. over several weeks without a restart).
  • Fix to prevent issues uploading pdf files saved in Adobe Acrobat.
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