Egnyte for iOS 7.3 (2/26/2017)

I'm super excited to introduce the Egnyte app version 7.3 for iOS. This update is filled with features designed to improve your workflow. Check it out! 

Document Scanner

The new PDF Document Creator makes digitizing copies of paper documents easy. My favorite way of using this new feature is when I am locked down in a meeting with nothing but my phone and a thousand whiteboards. Now I can document it with our new PDF Document Creator.


PDF form editing

PDF is one of the most accessed file types in business. A lot of times you need to preview or edit them on the fly. We spent a lot of our efforts on improving your preview experience, and now you can edit PDF forms, too! Intuitively tap on input fields and seamlessly save your changes back.


Messenger app integration

We cannot emphasize enough on all the benefits you gain through sharing via links (audit reporting, notifications, expiration settings, just to name a few). We also understand that creating a file link has a bit of friction for end users who are used to sharing the old fashioned way, via attachments. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a seamless way for you to share files as links directly inside your messenger apps. We basically simplified a bunch of steps into a simple pick-and-go paradigm. Check it out!


Mail app attachment support via Drag & Drop

We know that at times, sharing files as an attachment is still appropriate. In light of iOS’ recent split screen and drag & drop support, we are adding the ability for you to easily add email attachments by dragging Egnyte files directly into your email attachments.




I hope you guys all get a chance to check it out and let us know what you think!


Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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