Storage Sync for VMware & Hyper-V 11.1.3 (2/5/2018)


What's New

  • Support for Read-only Domain Controllers
  • Fix to prevent excessive log messages to system journal which resulted in journal logs filling up the system volume
  • Fix to prevent SMB session-aborts (Samba panic) when a large number of connected users (>100 users) performed file/folder operations on the SMB share.
  • Fix to enforce correct timezone settings through Storage Sync UI to the sync process
  • Fix to allow folder-tree expansion during installation workflow when domain-name is entered in upper case
  • Fix to allow for Storage Sync to bind with Active Directory in scenarios where AD test-join takes an excessive amount of time to complete
  • Fix for sync failure with "Forbidden" error message that occurred in scenarios where file or folder rename operations were unable to sync with the cloud 
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