Web UI Release (1/31/2018)

This Web UI release features improvements to the search to include custom metadata search, device list export, and created links from the Help Widget to the new Egnyte Community site.  We also deprecated the “Egnyte Backup” feature from the Classic UI.

Custom Metadata Search

A new icon will show up next to the search box in domains that have enabled custom metadata. Users enter criteria for each of the fields in the metadata section they choose.  Metadata criteria can be combined with searches on file names and file contents. Customers who want to enable custom metadata can do this via the Public API or by reaching out to Egnyte Support to help set up the fields.

Other Improvements

Help Widget Access to New Egnyte Community

Users can now easily access the Egnyte Community through the Help Widget.  Users will automatically be authenticated with the community.


Device Export List

Previously, admins could view the list of connected Devices. We have now added the ability to export this device list to a tsv file (Mac) or csv file (all other operating systems).


Deprecation of “Egnyte Backup” from Classic UI

Classic UI will no longer show "My Backups" for users who have backup data, reports no longer shows the "Backup Detail Report" and "Backup Summary Report", and options for Backup have been removed from User Types & Roles and from the user profile.


Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

Want to connect with other Egnyte users and our Egnyte team? Share ideas and ask questions in our Community .