Web UI Release (1/17/2018)

This Web UI release features improvements to the pdf previewer, improvements to existing menus, updates to the search v2 api, and higher limits for uploading in the Web UI.

New Uniform PDF Previewer

We now have a consistent experience on all browsers (IE11, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome) on Mac and Windows when using the  Egnyte pdf previewer.  We’ve also significantly improved the usability. For example, when viewing slides, users can easily navigate within a document and between files using the keyboard arrows. The full screen and zoom buttons have also been centered for easier accessibility:


Other Improvements

Improved labels

To improve the clarity on functionality in our UI we have changed the following:

  • The label in the configuration settings -> Security & Authentication -> General stating "Keep permissions on folder move & copy" and its corresponding tooltip have been changed to reflect that the setting is for the default behavior:
    • Label now reads: "Keep permissions on folder move & copy by default"
    • Updated tooltip to "Controls whether permissions for a source folder are maintained in the destination after being moved or copied. The Web UI will use this setting as a default that users can override, while applications that don't show this setting (e.g. desktop applications, Storage Sync, etc.) will always use this option."
  • To eliminate confusion in our search filters, we changed the text of the “Time” label from “Any time” to “Uploaded any time” to make it clear that you are searching by creation/uploaded time, even though we actually show the modified time of the file in the search results.


Updates to Public API:

We also improved the Search Public API v2 endpoint.  It now lists all the values of a namespace that are specifically requested in an array field called "namespaces".  This means users can now request data from namespaces that are not part of the search query.

Increased Upload Limits:

The maximum upload limit for the Web UI was increased from 25 GB to 100 GB.  In other words, the upload limit on Web UI is now the plan limit or 100 GB, whichever is lower.

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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