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Important Notice Regarding Egnyte Desktop App Installation Issues



We have recently updated our Egnyte Desktop App starting with version 3.16.2. This update includes a new file system driver essential for our integration with Windows Explorer. While the majority of users have successfully upgraded and are operating smoothly, a small number of users have encountered installation issues. These issues are typically caused by third-party antivirus software blocking the driver installation.


What You Need to Know

  • New Driver Implementation: Starting with version 3.16.2, we introduced a new file system driver. This driver enhances our integration with Windows Explorer, providing a better user experience.
  • Antivirus Software Conflicts: Some users may face installation issues due to third-party antivirus software blocking the new driver. We are actively collaborating with antivirus providers to resolve these conflicts.


Our Solution

To ensure minimal disruption to your work, we have implemented a two-path strategy:

Auto-Upgrade Line (Version 3.16.2 and Higher):

  • Users already on version 3.16.2 or higher will continue to receive upgrade notifications and will be auto-upgraded to newer versions.
  • If an installation issue occurs, users will be informed of the cause and provided with a link to revert to the stable version 3.14.12. Read this before downgrading. 

Stable Version Line (Version 3.14.12 and Below):

  • Users on versions below 3.14.12 will be upgraded to version 3.14.12 to ensure they remain on the current stable driver.
  • This version uses the previous file system driver and will not receive new feature updates.
  • Users can switch to this version if they experience issues with the new driver.
  • Once on version 3.14.12, users will not be prompted for auto-upgrades, ensuring a stable working environment.
  • When we confirm that the issues with the new driver are resolved, users on version 3.14.12 will be re-enabled for auto-upgrade.
  • Users who have not attempted to upgrade to the newest version are encouraged to do so manually using the latest link on our installers page. In case of any installation issues, users will be prompted to revert to version 3.14.12.

Additional Path for Users on Versions 3.15 to 3.16.1:

  • Users on versions between 3.15 and 3.16.1 will need to choose their upgrade path.
  • These users can opt to upgrade to version 3.16.2 or higher and follow the auto-upgrade path.
  • Alternatively, they can choose to revert to version 3.14.12 to stay on the stable driver line.
  • Both options will be available on our installers page, allowing users to make an informed decision based on their experience and needs.


Next Steps

  • For Users with Installation Issues: Follow the provided link to install version 3.14.12 to ensure stable performance. Read this before downgrading. 
  • For Users on Versions Below 3.14.12: Upgrade to version 3.14.12 to stay on the stable driver and avoid potential issues.
  • For Users on Versions 3.15 to 3.16.1: Decide whether to upgrade to version 3.16.2 or higher, or revert to version 3.14.12.
  • For General Users: Continue using the app as normal. If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team for assistance.

We are committed to resolving these issues promptly and appreciate your patience and understanding. Our goal is to provide a seamless and reliable experience for all our users.


Things to consider when downgrading to 3.14.12

Following is a list of main features that have been added in newer versions of Desktop App and are not present in 3.14.12

  • MS Co-edit support for users with multiple Egnyte domains
  • Open links directly in Desktop App
  • Connected folders to Shared directory
  • Ask a document
  • Windows ARM Support

 Issues Resolved Since Version 3.14.12: What Users Might Experience When Downgrading

If a downgrade from version 3.17.2 to version 3.14.12 is undertaken, some previously resolved issues might reappear. Although these issues are generally incidental and not common occurrences, users may still encounter them. Here are some potential problems: 

  • PC Shutdown Issues: There could be difficulties with PCs not shutting down properly when Egnyte Connect is installed.
  • Drive Status Display Inaccuracy: The drive status information might not be accurately displayed.
  • MS Office Co-Edit Locking Issues: Files may end up being locked instead of allowing co-editing in MS Office.
  • Inability to Map D: Drive: Mapping a drive with D: as a letter might not be possible.
  • Data Deletion with Connected Folders: Renaming and recreating connected folders could potentially lead to data being deleted in the cloud.
  • File Corruption from Fast Renames: Fast local file renames and replacements might result in file corruption.

Potential Data Loss Scenario During Downgrade from Version 3.17.2 to 3.14.12

When downgrading from Egnyte Desktop App version 3.17.2 to version 3.14.12, there is a risk of data loss due to the handling of unsynchronized data. Below is a detailed description of the scenario: 

  • Uninstallation Requirement: Downgrading from version 3.17.2 to 3.14.12 requires the uninstallation of the current application. This process removes all data stored in the local application data directory (%localappdata%).
  • Unsynchronized Data at Risk: Any data that has not been fully synchronized, including files in the upload queue, cached files, and files in offline folders, are at risk of being lost. This is because these files reside in the local application data directory, which gets cleared during uninstallation.
  • Files in Upload Process: Files that are in the process of being uploaded when the application is uninstalled will be lost. During uninstallation, these files, which may have been temporarily skipped due to issues such as antivirus software blocking the upload, will be removed along with the cache.
  • Handling Offline Folders: Files in offline folders that have not yet been synchronized to the cloud will also be deleted during the uninstallation process. 

Recommendation to Prevent Data Loss: To prevent data loss, it is recommended to make sure all files are synchronized before upgrade or downgrade attempt.

In case there is suspicion that files have not been synchronized and the installation of a new driver has failed, it is recommended to manually remove all drives before proceeding with uninstallation.

DA win 3.16.2 installation issues - remove drive.png

This action will move any unsynced files to the “Egnyte Cancelled Uploads” folder on user's Desktop.

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