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Egnyte for MS Teams Overview



The Egnyte for MS Teams Integration effectively merges Egnyte's file sync and sharing capabilities with Microsoft Teams, available on both its web and desktop versions. Users can safely share links and collaborate on files like Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint within Teams without switching platforms with changes being automatically saved to Egnyte storage.  It also allows the sharing of files from local machines, which are securely uploaded to Egnyte instead of native content stores like OneDrive and SharePoint. 


  • Egnyte stores all shared and uploaded files, as well as links.
  • Preview files directly within the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Enable real-time collaboration seamlessly within Microsoft Teams, with all changes automatically saved to Egnyte.
  • Files transferred from local storage are instantly uploaded to Egnyte storage, generating a sharing link simultaneously, ready to be posted on the channel or chat without any extra steps.
  • Sharing files from Egnyte: Choosing this option generates a link that allows channel members to access the file. Folder permissions consistently adhere to the domain or folder settings within Egnyte.
  • When users are added to or removed from a channel, Egnyte automatically adds or removes them from the associated user group linked with the default folder.


For Admins 

  • Microsoft Teams license 
  • Egnyte Admin permissions 
  • Global Admin in Microsoft tenant

For End User 

  • Admin must complete configuration steps for both Microsoft and Egnyte integration for Teams (Activation affects all domain users or all users in selected groups using Microsoft Teams)
  • Individual Microsoft Teams License
  • In order to provide real-time collaboration of MS Office files, a Microsoft Office subscription is required


Getting Started 

MS Teams Installation - Admin Guide

MS Teams User Guide

Egnyte for MS Teams FAQ

Egnyte for MS Teams Uninstall Guide

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