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Egnyte for MS Team Uninstall Guide


Technical Requirements for Uninstalling Legacy Egnyte Integration

  • Egnyte Admin permissions
  • Global Admin in Microsoft tenant

Getting Started

Disabling legacy MS Teams integration should be done in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center and this action affects all domain users or all users in selected groups using Microsoft Teams. Contact us at  support@egnyte.com for any questions.

Microsoft Teams Admin Center

  1. To block the Egnyte MS Teams application, navigate to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. Blocking the app can be reversed at any time.
  2. Unfold the Teams apps on the sidebar and go to Manage apps.

  3. Search for "Egnyte".

    MS Teams_Uninstall_1.png

  4. You can have two or more Egnyte for MS Teams, depending on the versions that were installed previously:  

    1. You can have the Legacy version - other than the current one 3.0.1 

    2. You can also have integration(s) that were sideloaded during the Beta phase, which can be deleted from the detailed view under the Actions dropdown.


  5. Select Egnyte App(s) and block with the switch button.

    MS Teams_Uninstall_2.png

  6. The status indicates whether an app is permitted within your organization. When blocked, the app becomes inaccessible to all users. Despite being blocked, these apps retain their current graph connections. If necessary, you have the option to disable graph connections for specific apps.

The app settings propagation usually takes a few minutes but keep in mind that may last longer, even up to 24 hours.

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