Using Egnyte for Gmail Extension - Beta (EOL)


The Egnyte for Gmail integration allows users to securely share files in Gmail by attaching Egnyte file links directly from your Egnyte account and protecting them with access control. The integration also allows users to save incoming attachments directly into your Egnyte folders.

Note : The Gmail integration is currently in beta release, and we are still working on some small usability and stability issues. Please bear with us.


Save incoming email attachments into your desired Egnyte account folder

Click on the Egnyte Logo.

Choose your destination folder and click ok.

It will save the file to your destination and provide the below message.

A public link is also generated for that file.


Attach Egnyte Files as Email Links

Click on the Egnyte Logo to Open the File Picker Window.

Choose files to attach and click “OK”.

Public Links for the files get attached to your emails.


Set Expiration Limits on your Links


Set Access Controls on your Links


Get a list of Egnyte public links shared by you at specific times


Integration Available for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers



The Egnyte for Gmail Extension is available to be downloaded and added to your browser from Google Chrome Web Store Egnyte for Gmail Extension and for Mozilla from your Add Ons on FireFox (Search for Egnyte for Gmail Add-On and Add it).

Note: This extension currently works only with Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.


1. Get Egnyte for Gmail Added to your Chrome Extensions or Mozilla Add-ons.

Once its added , it would appear on the top right section of your Gmail Screen as below.


2. When you first install the Gmail Plugin, the Blue Button will say “Get Started”.

Then it changes to Settings.


3. Click on Settings to attach your Egnyte Domain to your Gmail Account.

4. Click on Connect and provide your domain details.

5. Authorize with your credentials and allow access.


6. You are now ready to use the Egnyte for Gmail integration.

7. If you want to configure your Egnyte for Gmail Integration for any other Egnyte domain, click on the cross button on your Egnyte Account and Follow from Step 1-6 to configure a different Egnyte domain.



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