Egnyte for Android 6.9 (10/21/2016)

The Egnyte Mobile Android 6.9 release introduces push notifications to alert collaborators of comments on files.

Push Notifications

@Mention your collaborators in a comment on a file.  Your collaborator will immediately receive a push notification on their mobile device to review that file.  If collaborators comment on a file that you own, you will automatically receive a push notification.  Access all your notifications in the new Notifications tab of the Egnyte mobile app and utilize one tap access to the corresponding file.



Administrator Control for Folder Downloads on Mobile

Accounts with the Advanced Security package can control folder downloads on mobile devices.  Users can still mark files for offline access to ensure consistent access to files, regardless of Internet connectivity.  Administrators can enable or disable mobile downloads for devices on their account through the “Configuration” section of “Settings” in the Web UI.  For more information on the Advanced Security package, please refer to this HelpDesk article.


Other Updates

  • Private folders display the owner’s name.


Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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