Web UI: Increased File Upload Size and More! (10/24/2016)

This Web UI release features support to upload files up to 25 GB to the Web UI, the ability to disable sharing links for folders, and the ability to disable admin notifications when a new user logs in to the Web UI for the first time.

Upload Large Files to Web UI

The Web UI now supports uploads of files up to 25 GB for Enterprise plans.  Office and Business plans are still restricted to the maximum upload size for that plan, which is 10 GB.

Disable Links for Folders

Administrators can prevent users from sharing folders that contain sensitive data by disabling public and/or private links for the specified folder.  If the ability for users to share links to folders has been disabled for the domain, sharing links cannot be enabled for individual folders.

Disable Admin Notifications for New User Login

Administrators can disable notifications to admins when new users login to Egnyte for the first time.  This setting can be modified under Settings → Configuration → General.


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Egnyte Community

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