Storage Sync 11.0 for VMware and Hyper-V (11/11/2016)

Storage Sync 11.0 for VMware and Hyper-V expands scalability and performance with an upgraded OS and the latest libraries, flexibility for integrations with third-party applications, and modular architecture for seamless upgrades.

Enhanced Storage Sync UI

Enhance the user experience with a simplified user installation workflow and a new intuitive UI to set custom configurations.


Optimized Real-time Sync Operations

A 4x improvement in event processing vastly improves real-time synchronization operations. Successive syncs now run almost continuously, with less than one minute between sync intervals.

Faster File Access

Storage Sync 11.0 introduces the latest version of Samba libraries (Samba4). This brings stability and robust connectivity to the Storage Sync device over LAN and enhances the user-experience for folder browsing, file read and write operations.

Significant Performance Improvements

Increase business productivity with the following performance improvements from Storage Sync 10.3.

  • 30x improvement in file writes
  • 3x performance improvement in file reads
  • 2x performance improvement in folder browsing

Upgraded OS and Software Libraries

Storage Sync 11.0 has been re-architected on the 64 bit CentOS 7.1 operating system with the latest software libraries. The new modular architecture allows for non-disruptive software upgrades with minimal business downtime, enhanced software security, and better scalability for user operations.


For more information on upgrading to Storage Sync 11.0, please refer to this article on the HelpDesk.

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