Web UI: Edit Custom Metadata in the Web UI and More! (10/3/2016)

This Web UI release features the ability to edit custom metadata in the Web UI, a new Share button, and control for folder downloads on mobile devices.

Edit Custom Metadata in the Web UI

Create and edit metadata for files and folders within the Web UI.  Administrators can create templates for metadata through the Metadata API.  Using these templates, end users can create and edit metadata that is displayed in the sidebar and the folder details pane.  For example, annotate a contract with the date signed, type of contract, who signed it, and the value of the deal.


New Share Button

All of the share options for folders have been combined into one entry to streamline the "Share" options.  Hover over “Share” to display all of the Egnyte sharing options.

Administrator Control for Folder Downloads on Mobile

Accounts with the Advanced Security package can control folder downloads on mobile devices.  Administrators can enable or disable downloads for their account through the “Configuration” section of “Settings” in the Web UI.  For more information on the Advanced Security package, please refer to this HelpDesk article.

Other Updates

  • The embedded help widget is now resizable.
  • Download history now includes bulk downloads from a folder link page.
  • Conflict notification is disabled for the following types of files: .itm, .pst, .bak, .dll, .pdb, .snap, .dsn, .dat, .exe, .nwc, .ffs_lock, .mdb
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