Web UI: View Custom Metadata in the Web UI and More! (9/7/2016)

This Web UI release features the ability to view custom metadata in the Collaborative Web UI, an expanded search span for file audit reports, and a seamless integration for Google Drive Legacy Edition customers.

Custom Metadata Visible in Web UI

Custom metadata is now viewable as part of the details panel in Preview mode.  To learn more about how to set custom metadata via the API, please refer to the Metadata API documentation on the Developer Portal.  Support for adding custom metadata via the Web UI is coming soon.

Extended Search Span for File Audit Reports

Search up to a three month span and view the new “Preview via link” event of file audit reports.  The other audit reports still have a 30 day search span.

Google Drive Integration (Legacy Edition) Update

For accounts with the Google Drive Integration (Legacy Edition) enabled, seamlessly integrate Google Docs with Egnyte.  Create a new Google Document, Spreadsheet, Slides, or Drawing within Egnyte.  Import documents from Google Drive to Egnyte with an embedded file picker that includes search and sort capabilities.  Preview and share links to these Google documents from Egnyte.  For more information on the Google Drive Integration (Legacy Edition), please refer to this article on the HelpDesk.

Other Updates

  • Users who do not have the ability to change permissions will now see a disabled caret next to the permissions option in the dialog.
  • In links that contain the name of a file or folder, spaces in the name are now replaced with underscores.
  • Embedded mode is now supported in the Web UI when passing embedded=true.
  • Conflict notifications are no longer created for files with the following extensions: eml, xls, nd, qbw, dwg, and sldasm.
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