Web UI: Announcing the New Egnyte App Store and More! (8/1/2016)

This Web UI release features a brand new App Store, improvements to the Metadata API, and updates to the Collaborative UI.

New Egnyte App Store

The new App Store allows users to learn about and install Egnyte apps, add-ons, and integrations through interactive dialogs and videos.  In the Egnyte Apps section, read about and download Egnyte products such as the Egnyte mobile apps.  In the Add-Ons & Integrations section, discover integrations with 3rd party applications that either embed in the Web UI or utilize Egnyte resources.  For more information, please refer to this article on the HelpDesk.


 Administrators can manage the apps shown to users in your domain with Admin Mode.  Configure domain level settings for an application by hovering over the entry and choosing one of the options as exemplified in the dialog below.

Custom Metadata API Improvements

Custom metadata allows users or applications to store custom information about their Egnyte files and folders.  Set metadata in the context of a file, specific file version, or folder.  For a full list of endpoints and to get started , please refer to our Metadata API documentation on the Developer Portal.

Updates to the Collaborative Web UI

We have optimized the visual layout of the new Collaborative Web UI to facilitate key workflows and improve the user experience.  For more information on the Collaborative UI, refer to this article on the HelpDesk.

@Mention Restricted to Users with Permissions for the File

Only users that have permission to view the file can be @mentioned in the file’s comments.  If the @mentioned user does not have permission to view this file, the following dialog will be shown.

File Download Shortcut

Download a file with one click.  Hover over a file in the List View or Condensed View and a download shortcut will appear.



Other Collaborative UI Updates

  • File and folder tree is automatically updated after restoring items from the trash.

Other Updates

  • Administrators have the option to disable new feature and product announcements for their users.  We recommend keeping these announcements enabled to learn about the latest Egnyte Connect features.  Announcements will always be shown to administrators.  This setting can be modified by navigating to Configuration → General → General → Show announcements about new features to users.
  • Administrators for Egnyte for Google App domains have a setting to disable copying files to a user’s Google Drive account and the shortcut link to Google Drive.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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