Check Out Egnyte Builder, Our New App Store!

Egnyte Builder, our new App Store, allows users to learn about and install Egnyte apps, add-ons, and integrations through interactive dialogs and videos in the Web UI.


  • Filter to find the apps that best fit your use case
  • Hover over an app to quickly preview the app's functionality
  • Click on an app to visually explore the features and get the app


For Users

Click on Apps & Add-Ons to explore the Egnyte apps and integrations.

Egnyte Apps

Hover over an entry for a quick summary of the Egnyte App.

Click on More for additional information, including how to enable, setup, or download the Egnyte App.


Add-Ons & Integrations

Filter search results by type or categories to find the integrations that are most relevant to your needs. 


Egnyte Add-Ons

Egnyte Add-Ons enable new actions in the Web UI.  Hover over an entry to add or remove the Add-On from your Egnyte account and see a quick summary of the functionality.


External Integrations

External integrations are enabled or accessed outside of the Egnyte Web UI.  Hover over an entry for a quick summary of the integration.

Click "Learn more" to visually explore the integration and add the integration.


For Administrators

Administrators can manage which apps users can add with Admin Mode.

Configure domain level settings for an application by hovering over the entry and choosing one of the options as exemplified in the dialog below.


Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

Want to connect with other Egnyte users and our Egnyte team? Share ideas and ask questions in our Community .